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Friday, 1 June 2007

The Virtual Château de Richelieu

Sadly the wonderful Château of Richelieu was finally sold for demolition in the 1830s, after the Napoleonic era and the escape of the ducal Richelieu family to St Petersburg. Although the huge Domainal Park and a few substantial fragments of the palace still exist, little remains of the original building on the moated island at the centre of the formal landscape composition. In 2004 the Council of the Department of Indre-et-Loire funded the 'building' of a full CGI computer model of the Château and the surrounding parterres and courts. Now one can enter the building and inspect the interiors and art collection as well as promenade the exterior, courts and gardens. Visitors can experience this extraordinary achievement, sitting in a darkened 17th century room at 28 Grande Rue, the town's exemplar of the 28 matching Hôtels Particulliers, wearing 3D red/green glasses. A lot more impressive than KING KONG!

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What a wonderful castle - never seen the like over here!

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