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Monday, 18 June 2007

Second round of the elections for the local Deputé at the Assemblee Nationale

The result of the second stage for the election for Deputé to the Assemblée Nationale in Paris for the fourth Circonscription of the Département of Indre-et Loire (37) which took place on Sunday 17 June 2007.

Registered voters: 86,402 = 100.00%
Abstentions : 33,291 = 38.53%
Voters: 53,111 = 61.47%

Number of voters:
Spoilt papers 1,440 = 2.71%
Valid votes: 51,671 = 97.29%

Candidates in the secound round:
M. Hervé NOVELLI Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) 27,157 = 52,56%
M. Philippe LE BRETON Socialiste (PS) 24,514 = 47,44%

M. Hervé NOVELLI was re-elected for a second term as our local Deputé.

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