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Friday, 15 June 2007


from 26 July to 3 August 2007

Thursday - 26 JULY at 8.30pm in Richelieu Church
Gioachino Rossini - 'Petite Messe Solonnelle'
Anton Bruckner - Four church motets
50 voice choir, 2 pianos and harmonium
Conducted by Adrian Lucas and Anthony Goodchild
Soloists :
Paula Greenwood : soprano
Emmanuelle Fruchard : mezzo soprano
Richard Rowe : tenor
Georges Humphreys : bass

Friday - 27 JULY at 9pm in the Dome in the Park
Herbert DU PLESSIS (!): piano
Chopin - Nocturnes, valses, ballades
Liszt - Rêve d’amour, Rhapsodies

Saturday - 28 JULY at 5pm in the Dome in the Park
Christophe Crapez : tenor
Nicolas Boyer: piano
Schumann - Amours du poète
Chopin & Liszt - Melodies

Sunday - 29 JULY at 6pm in the Dome in the Park
Ferenc Vizi : piano
Schubert - Wanderer Fantasy
Liszt - Dante Sonata

Monday - 30 JULY at 9pm in the Dome in the Park
Alain Kremski : piano and tibetan bells
Liszt - piano pieces
Kremski - tibetan bells

Tuesday - 31 JULY at 6pm in the Dome in the Park
on the anniversay of the death of Franz Liszt
Wilfrid Humbert: piano
Liszt - Sonata, 6 Transcendantal Studies

Wednesday - 1 AUGUST at 6pm in the Dome in the Park
Christophe Brandon: flute
Wilfrid Humbert: piano
Franck - Sonata
Poulenc - Sonata
Roussel -

Thursday - 2 AUGUST at 6pm in the Dome in the Park
Xavier Gagnepain: cello
Nicolas Boyer: piano
Beethoven - Sonata
Schumann - Fantasie-Stücke

Friday - 3 AUGUST at 8pm in Richelieu Church
Orchestre de chambre de la nouvelle Europe:
Nicolas Krauze: direction
Nicolas Boyer : piano
Charlotte Krawczyk: soprano
Dimitri Maslennikov : 'cello
Bach - Concerto in F
Mozart - Piano Concerto n°23 for piano et orchestra
Bach - Aria
Haydn - Concerto in C for 'cello and orchestra

for further information:
Townhall :
Office de Tourisme du Pays de Richelieu :

artistic direction :
Nicolas BOYER : 06 13 60 75 73

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