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Thursday 30 October 2014

The villainous Cardinal (from the BBC!)

Queen Anne of France, Infanta of Spain

King Louis XIII of France and Navarre

Milady de Winter

Mousquetaire M. Aramis

Tuesday 14 October 2014

4th-time Mayor of Schaafheim - Well done our chum Reinhold!

Victory at the polls - 89.3%! A happy Inge with her Reinhold
On Sunday, 14 September 2014 the incumbent mayor of Schaafheim, Reinhold Hehmann, was spectacularly confirmed for the fourth time for the office of Mayor. 89.3% of all electors voted for him. The turnout was 41%. As Reinhold Hehmann was the only realistic candidate, many voters stayed away from the polls. In the Löwen the CDU member of parliament and general secretary of the Hessian Union, Manfred Pentz, the two mayors Carsten Helfmann (Eppertshausen) and Jörg Lautenschlager (Modautal) and administrator Klaus Peter Schell Haas all cheered along with the candidate Reinhold Hehmann, his family and several Schaafheim town guests at these election results. At the subsequent election party at the clubhouse, the singers of the Evangelist Church and well-wishers from Großostheim who came with Mayor Herbert Jacob were in the fore.

the victory chorus
The results were recorded in the Löwensaal. When at last the final result came (at 7.14pm), we saw a very content 'old-and-new' Mayor Reinhold Hehmann. The best result came from Mosbach, where 95.7% voted for him. Councillor Schellhaas commented pointedly: "Even the Bavarians are jealous." Reinhold himself laid the result on his many doorstep visits. 

From the Löwen they went to the great hall of the Singers Union in Old School Lane. Here the Schaafheimer Union congratulated their own successful candidate, Reinhold Hehmann. Chairman Ralph Reinhold Hehmann Pittich thanked him for his dedication, commitment and closeness. It showed that he, as before, had made ​​many home visits in the various districts for all the election campaigns. In this he was accompanied him several other CDU members. It is a exemplary list and a dedicated campaign team for the next municipal election in 2016, as Reinhold Hehmann has continued to have a very good partner for his ideas in the council of the Schaafheimer CDU. 

Reinhold Hehmann thanked the Schaafheim CDU for their strong support. Together they could achieve a lot. A special thanks to their coalition partner, the FDP community - here chairman Otto Dill worked hard for the support of this candidate. Together they have both achieved a lot for Schaafheim since 1977. 

Our member of parliament Patricia Lips came to congratulate the successful candidate. The friends of the CSU came from Großostheim. Mayor Herbert Jacob, and the local councillors Stefan Kraus and Thorsten Rollman congratulated our 'old and-new' Mayor, Reinhold Hehmann.

Schaafheim's swing-o-meter'
Schaafheim is twinned with the Cité Idèale of RICHELIEU


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