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Friday, 1 June 2007

Vins de Chinon

A couple of kilometers to the north of The CITÉ IDÉALE is the winegrowing area for the Appellation Controllé red wine called CHINON. This is made from cabernet franc grapes, often called 'breton'. Much loved since the days of local boy François Rabelais in the 15th century, this wine is a very drinkable middling sort of wine; straightforward without being simple, balanced without being either fruity on one hand or heavy and over-complicated on the other. Although the wine area is extensive, many think that the best CHINON wine comes from the north facing slopes near Lémeré, south of the Vienne river and the main flatter gravelly areas to the north, as these Côtes de Ligré CHINON wines are more complex and stand longer cellerage. Generally CHINON is drunk young; that is to say in the first four years. At present in 2007 the cost of a bottle of a good quality CHINON is about €7.50 rising to maybe €10. Some connoisseurs say that minor 'global warming' will enhance this red wine appellation as it is located a little to the north of so many French famous red wine areas.


Anonymous said...

Ah! La dive bouteille. But there must be many other great Chinon producers in addition to these three. Any other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Chinon is much underestimated in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Great site; good luck

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