The topics of this blog are Armand-Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Duke of Richelieu, and the IDEAL CITY built on his command next to his magnificent CHÂTEAU on the borders of Touraine, Anjou and Poitou, in France.

Tuesday 27 December 2011

bonnes fêtes de vos amis à Schaafheim!

Prosit Neujahr 2012!
festive photo by Wolfgang Roth

Tuesday 20 December 2011

le duc de Buckingham et sa famille vous offrent joyeux fêtes 2011

Merry christmas and a successful new year 2012 
from George Villiers, first duke of Buckingham* , 
scourge of Louis XIII, 
paramour of Queen Anne d'Autriche (Dumas père), 
hopeful liberator of La Rochelle, 
general coxcomb
military booby
(and his charming family).

after Gerrit von Honthorst

*"the prettiest man in all England"


Sunday 11 December 2011

'av 'n Nappy Xmas...

joyeux noël 2011

\  --------------  /
\                   /
\  ______ /

Hippolyte (Paul) Delaroche - Napoleon I crossing the Alps 1849-50

Monday 5 December 2011

St Vincent de Paul

Éminentissime Armand-Jean du Plessis, cardinal duc de Richelieu, appointed his clerical chum, Vincent de Paul, to look after the christian souls of the new inhabitants of his Ideal Town, particularly while the community established itself. As cardinal, one might well think that he might take on this task himself but he no doubt thought that his Responsibilities of State would not allow him time for such provincial pastoral responsibilities.

Sunday 4 December 2011

Abbé H.Proust - Tapissier

Chinon brocante market, every third Sunday of the month, October 2011.  Louis XIII style walnut upholstered foot-stool, generally 'knackered'!  Asked 60€; accepted 40€ on second approach - meillieur prix?  
Should we use an expert upholsterer? ...... NO!
Fabric from Peter Jones, Sloane Square; 1 metre of 40/60 cotton/polyester blend damask £22.00 inc VAT, colour-way 'Cardinal'! 
2 metres of fancy swagging. Supplier as above
Large 15mm dia. upholstery pins from Moran's builder's merchants, Kennington (no S!); 6 packets of 10 @ £2.50 inc VAT.
Removed old covering (and many, many rusty tacks). Re-glued the broken centre foot rail tenon both ends.  Added a white cotton under-cover to remaining spring & horsehair upholstery and stained & ripped cambric covering.  Should really have used a better quality linen cambric.
Machine-sewed cover, having cut it to size.

Inspiration from Google Images: Louis XIII Furniture...

The Abbé liked having a go at upholstery; a quite high reward/effort ratio.