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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Local M.P. Hervé Novelli made Secretary of State by PM Fillon

The Secretary-General at the Elysée Palace, Claude Guéant, announced on the 19 June 2007 the composition of the new government of Prime Minister François Fillon, himself appointed by the new President, Nicholas Sarkozy.

Hervé NOVELLI has been elevated to be Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Employment in charge of Enterprise and External Trade.

Sarkozy has slimmed his Cabinet of full Ministers to 15, but created a minor level of Secretary of State within each Ministry to cover the entire political portfolio.

The CITÉ IDÉALE is now represented in Paris by a Secretary of State - let's hope M. Novelli can rise to Minister or even First Minister like the eponymous Cardinal from Richelieu so long ago.

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