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Friday, 4 April 2008

The architectural colours of Touraine - 1

One of the most characteristic qualities of the buildings of Touraine is the consistency of the 'colour palette'.  With a sky often cloudy or overcast, a truely delightful aspect of the area occurs when the many 'greys' are lit up by sunshine falling on the ubiquitous greeny-cream 'tuffeau' stone work.  This little building shows off the traditional palette well - it is a gatehouse at the château of Azay-le-Rideau.
  • whitish tuffeau stonework around windows doors and at the corners
  • pinkish rendering to the coursed rubble walls between
  • grey 'ardoise' slates
  • flat grey-painted windows and doors
  • grey shutters, often left closed
  • overhanging stone cornices in tuffeau
  • french grey painted oak dormers
  • zinc rainwater pipes with a characteristic Touraine gutter design
  • whitish hard stone setts
  • decorative ironwork, in this case in faded blue paint
  • sandy gravel ground surface
  • a few patches of rising damp in the render at ground level - very typical too!

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Susan said...

That's a really useful overview - thanks. But getting the exact pale blue grey for the shutters and pale pearly terracotta-y pink for the render - that's a trick - I hope we can manage it.

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