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Sunday, 17 May 2009

The relocated Salon de Thé

The Salon de Thé was formerly located in the Grande Rue. But when the cadeaux-foto shop that was on the corner of the place du Marché fell vacant, they decided to move to move their shop to this much superior location.  (see the location map to the right). As before, the shop is half antique shop, half souvenirs and trinkets  and half tea shop (three halves...?). Now it also offers meals that compliment its other services, joining the other commerces who provide varied catering around the newly re-ordered market square. It offers a welcome alternative to the cafés and bars, and looks very pretty in its sunny location.  Its 'smile' really enhances the mood of the new square and follows the long-term urban design policy that concentrates such facilities in the identical twin squares, rather than in the length of the Grande Rue itself.

Although at the exact moment that the three pictures above were taken the street tables were empty, this is usually far from the case. The tables in the charming interior tea room clink with tea cup noises of an afternoon.

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