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Friday 18 March 2011

The head of Henri IV, 'le vert gallant' - Father of Louis XIII

A recently found blog about Paris, Peter's Paris, directs us to an article on the rediscovery of the head of King Henri IV, the founder of the Bourbon dynasty, father of Louis XIII, grandfather of the the Sun King, Louis XIV, protestant-turned-cathothic - 'Paris is worth a Mass', pacifier of the 'Wars of Religion', assassinated by the crazy François Ravillac on 14 May 1610, general lothario and priapic beast (cf Louis XIII!).

Click HERE for the story.,_Duke_of_Anjou
Lost heads are becoming a bit of a theme

Click HERE for what happened to the head of the cardinal duc de Richelieu

Or HERE for the droll story of composer Joseph Haydn's bonce.


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