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Wednesday 2 September 2009

Richelieu August 2009 - the Music Festival in the Dôme - five concerts

The Dôme in the parc de Richelieu - formerly the 1630s manège of the cardinal duc's stables - the venue for the concerts below.....

On the completion of Verklärte Nacht (1899) by Arnold Schoenberg, the Quatuor Rosamonde + Hélène Clement and Jérôme Pernoo.  
The quartet has a particular connection with Henri Dutilleux, who lives at nearby Candes-St.- Martin when 'in the country'.

Well known film actor Michaël Lonsdale and pianist Alain Kremski illustrate the secret souls of musicians with readings from their letters.

Christophe Brandon and Anne Ricquenbourg play en pleine air in the rosary garden of the château de Richelieu.

The cardinal's namesake, Herbert du Plessis, tickles the ivories (quite a lot of them) in his forbear's riding school!

'L'Amour et Bacchus' performed by the early music ensemble "La Réjouissance".


Anonymous said...

what about concerts in the Parc in 2010 - dates, etc. content

Abbé Henri Proust said...

29th July until 15 August 2010. The detailed content of the Festival has yet to be announced, but I will make sure to present the concerts once they have been finalised.
Look at the town's tourist office 'calendar of future events', top of the righthand column, the first button-text under 'click here'.

Thanks for your interest 'anonymous'.

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