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Friday, 24 October 2008

Blog followers

Writing a blog, like all writing, is a rather lonely activity.  Each post is shot off into the  e-choing e-ther when one hits the publish post button.  But is anyone out there....?

FOLLOWERS are simply those who read and follow the blog.  Now one can show the author that you really are there, and further, show this fact to other readers.  It can build a sort of community of interest, as it also allows one to get in contact with other readers of the blog.

So how does one become a follower?
(sounds a bit biblical, n'est-ce pas!)

On the top panel on the left there is a Follow this Blog button that highlights in red when the cursor is over it.  Click on it to reveal a dialogue box.  It asks you to get a Google account (this is 'free'). This allows Google to connect other followers with your Google 'profile' and maybe your e-mail address, all fully protected with a password.  You can decide to remain mysteriously private to the world, or more confidently have your picture added along side those in the community already displayed.  
(24 October 2008 - 2 followers so far)

Please try it out!

bisous (hugs)
feu Abbé Henri Proust

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