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Thursday 9 August 2007

The trees in the new square?

Tree grills are located between the car parking spaces in the Macadam surface. Locations for further trees actually within the square's paved area have been constructed, but filled temporarily(?) with setts until planting time. In mid-winter the new sqaure of the place du Marché will be planted out. Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) will be used. This species of tree can be clipped well and are a tough type, of which the 'wild' version is seen everywhere in the domainal park. We show a young clipped hornbeam sapling with its bright green foliage. Many people bemoan the absence of the sappy lime trees that formerly dominated the square, and find it hard to imagine that even these trees were once planted and grew from saplings. But on hot summer days their shade will be welcome, and the trees will somewhat mask the seemingly irrepressible desire to park one's car in the square for convenience. If people really want a parking lot instead of a gracious town square, they should go to the local 'Mousquetaires' super-market forecourt to luxuriate in unlimited 'blacktop'.

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