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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Auberge "Le Cardinal"

The restaurant "Le Cardinal" is located next to the Châtellerault gate at the south end of the walled town, looking out over the moat. Much of the old moat has been filled in at this point, and the restaurant has 'al fresco' dining outside in the summer, looking out at the marble statue of their namesake.
3, rue des Ecluses. For reservations ring:
Tél. : 02 47 58 18 57
Fax : 02 47 58 23 01

Mrs Annick Racinet, proprietrix and maître d'hôtel of the town's main restaurant welcomes you to her Auberge.
The restaurant is very popular and with good reason - most weekends the dining room is buzzing with diners; often parties of celebration, birthdays and other groups. Access by car is very easy as there is plenty of space in the place du Cardinal which lies between the town gates and the entry to the Château park, right in front of the restaurant entance.
Bon appetit!

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