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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Views of the new tourist office, opened in April 2012

The Office de Tourisme has now opened in its new location next to the church, in the place du Marché, the square at the southern end of the Cité Idéale.  By relocating this important facility for visitors, the town has restored an hôtel particular which occupies an important and conspicuous location in the regular and symmetrical urbanism.

Formerly the whole building looked to be generally in a bad state, especially this part of it, the former shop Grand Colbert.  While the external corner has now been restored, the other half (or is it two thirds?) onto the square still needs restoration and awaits the necessary investment.

The opposite number of this hôtel, across the square, has recently been restored from the first floor upward, and still awaits the completion of the restoration of the ground floor façade; hardly the most difficult aspect but one that involves the 'correction' of two rather ragged retail sub-façades, one of which is designed in a wholly inappropriate manner.

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the newly restored corner site, next to the church, on the place du Marché.

opening hours

reflecting on Richelieu

the façade to the place du Marché

the 'approved' (B-d-F) ground floor window in 17th century style
the old location was cute too...

in low morning light, looking towards the porte de Loudun


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