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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dukes of the 19th century and a Princesse de Monaco

The seventh and penultimate duc de Richelieu et Fronsac 1879-1880!,
short-lived husband of the rich and beautiful Marie Alice Heine,
Marie Odet Richard Armand de la Chapelle de Saint Jean de Jumilhac 1879-1880
his son, Marie Odet Jean Armand de la Chapelle de Saint-Jean de Jumilhac 1875-1952,
 eighth and last duc de Richelieu et Fronsac 1880-1952

Marie Alice Heine of New Orleans USA 1858 1925,
daughter of the Paris/Berlin/New Orleans banker Michel Heine, himself a relative of the German poet Heine,
being both young, beautiful and stinking rich,
who after the speedy death of the seventh duc de Richelieu re-married the Albert, Prince of Monaco,
and so became at a young age, Princesse de Monaco, dowager duchesse de Richelieu.
(8th duc Marie Odet's mum)



Anonymous said...

Ce très joli portrait de la duchesse de Richelieu est l'oeuvre du peintre Pierre Auguste Cot.

Abbé Henri Proust said...

Try here for provenance:
The sale of this painting as Lot 55?
Merci pour votre renseignement! :-)

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