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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Carrefour contact arrives

Richelieu is a small village/town of about 2000 souls.  This local population does not command a very sophisticated retail service, and much of that modest requirement is served by the only major supermarket, Les Mousquetaires, in the neighbouring faubourg, la coupure du parc (the snippet of the park) which is tied, not to the town of Richelieu itself, but that of neighbouring Chaveignes.  This came about no doubt because the protected old walled town had no opportunity for a grand surface with its adjacent parking lots.  And this grand surface has to cater to the large rural population that encircles the cardinal's ideal town to a distance of 10 or 15 kilometres.

But for those who live intramuros - within the walls - daily shopping requirements could always be met from the small supermarket called Shopi at 26 rue de Loudun, off the main market square.  Everybody was fond of this little supermarket, but was nervous of the inevitable crushing competition of the much larger Les Mousquetaires.  It is nice to go shopping locally on foot or on a bike.

Although modest in some ways, Shopi had the reputation of including the best butchery counter in the town, particularly for its meat supply quality.  HP himself was always impressed that one could buy products, eggs for example, sourced from named local farms.

Suddenly we realised on 1 April 2012 that France no 1 supermarket chain, Carrefour, was going to 're-brand' Shopi and create a convenience shopping market now called Carrefour contact in its place.

Here is their policy statement:

The renewed and refurbished version of the supermarket opened on 19 April 2012.

  • Monday - Saturday 8 00 h - 20 00 h
  • Sunday - 9 00 h to 13 00 h

good old shopi
the builders move in - and at full pace

the smart new façade

the logo of Carrefour contact

the rebranded sign
publicity posted through each front door explains...


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