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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sarko drops the proposed new property tax on secondary homes

The old town of Richelieu attracts many purchasers of houses from abroad, as the pretty cité idéale does not offer many possibilities of comfortable employment to local sons and daughters, far as it is from the cities of Tours or Châtellerault with their job opportunities.  Houses are quite cheap as a result.

Without these foreign buyers, who spend restoration money on the classic properties from wealth earned elsewhere, many of the houses located within the city's walls would be left to rot, as locals do not have either the funds or the inclination to take them on.

The new tax was to have been 20% of the valeur locative cadastral - notional rental value - of the houses per annum.  As many of these properties are large, and the new property tax was to be based on these large areas, while little houses would only have attracted a smallish sum in addition to the impôts habitation et foncière already paid by second home owners, the large houses would have attracted new tax requests in the order of 2,000€ per annum.  As existing local taxes are already quite steep on these large houses, it would have discouraged buyers and caused a reduction of prices and values.

So many second home owners can relax (for a while!)....

for details of the policy change
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Also the Sarko administration has improved the position of property owners when the

Grim Reaper
 comes to call
in the land of
Napoléon Bonaparte




Jean said...

What a relief. Our small and modest second home is all we could afford and any extra tax would have been a very unwelcome burden. And as you say - it's often the foreigners who are saving these beautiful buildings from just rotting away and therefore preserving their heritage for all.

Abbé Henri Proust said...

Another sigh of relief wafts over Dordogneshire, Indre-et-Loireshire, Le Grand Pressigny,...... etc.
Thanks for your comment Jean.

Abbé Henri Proust said...

In our case, for the two cadastral lots that make up our house, the 'vlc's were (in 2010) 5,176€ and 3,303€ = 8,480€ in total. 20% of this is 1,796€ = £1,603 per annum. EVERY YEAR! OUCH! And for what? ans.-The propping up of the crazy modèle sociale, and the small reduction of the absurd wealth tax.
500,000 Civil Servants in GB; 4,500,000 in France! 11 times as many 'foncionnaires'.

Abbé Henri Proust said...


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