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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Citoyenne! Citoyen! Do YOU own a Cadillac?

In 2008 the notary of the cité idéale of Richelieu, Maître Pierre Gravel, founded a car enthusiasts club for Cadillac & LaSalle cars, made in that 'city of the rapids', Detroit, Michigan USA. He has already attracted more than 20 members and looks forward to further expansion of the club this year. While mighty General Motors is wobbly in the US at present, the subject of a huge 'bale-out' in the 2008 Credit Crunch, the older grandiose cars of this marque certainly have their following in France.
Below a member's car - a 1937 Fleetwood ‘Convertible Sedan’

Below in Scribd is the second annual report which shows how to register your own vast automobile and join in the club's activities.  In French - get used to it!

Bulletin CLC Fr Vol 2

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