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Tuesday 16 September 2008

Where the money goes on a baguette

I found this interesting picture on another blog.  I'll never eat another baguette without thinking about profit and loss!  I should date this picture as September '08.  What  a lot of salaries, n'est-ce pas?  Is this the effect of crazy 'social costs'?


Susan said...

I hope the 'other blog' was ours, otherwise someone has nicked my picture. I picked up the leaflet which gave me the percentages in June '08, and cut up my baguette and photographed in August '08.

Abbé Henri Proust said...

Caught with mi hand in the till of plagiary. Nice bread cutting though. Droll table cloth too.

Susan said...

Tea towel actually - gift from the Director of the Sir John Soanes Museum - if you visit the museum you can buy one of your own :-).

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