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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Abbé H.Proust - Tapissier

Chinon brocante market, every third Sunday of the month, October 2011.  Louis XIII style walnut upholstered foot-stool, generally 'knackered'!  Asked 60€; accepted 40€ on second approach - meillieur prix?  
Should we use an expert upholsterer? ...... NO!
Fabric from Peter Jones, Sloane Square; 1 metre of 40/60 cotton/polyester blend damask £22.00 inc VAT, colour-way 'Cardinal'! 
2 metres of fancy swagging. Supplier as above
Large 15mm dia. upholstery pins from Moran's builder's merchants, Kennington (no S!); 6 packets of 10 @ £2.50 inc VAT.
Removed old covering (and many, many rusty tacks). Re-glued the broken centre foot rail tenon both ends.  Added a white cotton under-cover to remaining spring & horsehair upholstery and stained & ripped cambric covering.  Should really have used a better quality linen cambric.
Machine-sewed cover, having cut it to size.

Inspiration from Google Images: Louis XIII Furniture...

The Abbé liked having a go at upholstery; a quite high reward/effort ratio.



Susan said...

A fine first effort - well done! Great colour and tasselly braid an excellent touch.

Abbé Henri Proust said...

Thanks, Susan. This new hobby makes a welcome change from my pastoral duties.
How's Cel's gear box? Looks like a fatigue failure to me.

Susan said...

HP she needs a new gearbox. We have a lead we hope will bear fruit today or tomorrow, but it is quite stressful trying to find just the right gearbox.

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