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Wednesday 10 December 2008

14 Grande Rue restoration nears completion

These three views show the garden side of this hôtel particulier - or private mansion - that has been adapted as a set of small apartments for seniors.  One can see the body of the original main house and then the dependances - extensions - that were added to it over the years.  Many of these buildings were until recently in a terrible state and really needed major restoration, such as has happened in this particular case.  It is of course sad that such grand houses cannot stay in individual ownership, but sub-division often occurred in the 17th century shortly after the death of the cardinal in 1642 as his court dissolved to reorganise themselves around the new regime of the young future Roi Soleil, King Louis XIV and his new first minister the cardinal Mazarin; Richelieu's recommendation to the regent dowager Queen Anne of Austria.

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