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Friday, 11 January 2008

Richelieu and the black truffle of Perigord

One of the villages of the Canton that are administered from the town of Richelieu is Marigny Marmande.  For a long time it has had a reputation for its black truffles which grow round the roots of certain types of oak trees.  Lineaus  calls them Tuber Mélanosporum; most call them b***** expensive at 1 gram for 1€ (middle quality!)

Markets are held through the winter, this particular one between Christmas and New Year.  While the truffle is the 'main event', there are many other gastronomic products for sale, direct from the local farms.  
Foie gras of either goose or duck is for sale for the St. Sylvester evening meal (New Year's Eve), to be eaten with sweet raisin bread, fig jam and a bottle of Côtes de Layon (or two).

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