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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Londres à Richelieu, for Rosbifs

Calais to Richelieu - 365 miles - practically 6 hours tunnel to door.

Autoroute Calais to Rouen, through Rouen towards Caen and Le Harvre, then take the new autoroute south past Alençon, then around Le Mans, and onward to Tours, all still by autoroute, finally joining the Paris/Bordeaux A10, until exit 25 (St Maure-de-Touraine) half-an-hour south of Tours, then the same time on local roads to Richelieu. (See the smaller map below). 
Autoroute tolls are about 6€ before Rouen, 26€ at Tours and 4 € at St. Maure. The new Rouen route avoids Paris and most of the heavy trucks, which are much less of a problem to the driver as a result. And of course no standstill in Paris! (perhaps a petit bouchon in Rouen.)

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