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Monday, 11 January 2016

The 'tobacco barn (?)' rebuild - 3 - January 2016

Someone said that the new building replaces a former burnt-out timber tobacco barn that stood on the site. So, for once, Bâtiments de France has accepted a post-17th-century non-masonry replacement, although I understand that the new owner was obliged to keep the same geometric form as the old utility building. Timber tobacco barn translates to a 21st century 'green structure', unique within the walls.
We hope the river Mable doesn't overflow its banks too soon, as in 2014.

The project advances. Click HERE for other posts of the works to this site.
looking north-east up the rue des Gaultiers

street façade

interior framework - softwood and plywood panels  and oak free structure

looking across the road from inside - a display of the new ochre colours

a junction of materials

the cheminée of the former neighbour to the North

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