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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The old works, place Louis XIII - 3 - January 2016

This project has now been almost completed on the exterior and now makes an enormous change to the feel of the place Louis XIII, originally the cattle market of the town, located behind the market hall, La Halle.

The square itself has been recently re-landscaped - all pleached lime trees and box hedges - with a refurbished fountain in the centre.

The four flanking ranges of elevations to the square are being steadily smartened up and restored, so this individual project makes an enormous difference. Unusually Bâtiments de France have permitted the restoration of a 19th century building - some sort of engineering works - admitting the 'rich palimsest' approach to the architectural history of the little town.

Someone* should now take on the restoration of the masonry of the neighbouring 'fausse porte' that acts as a scruffy interlude between to two recently restored buildings. The good Abbé understands that formerly the town's dog pound was located behind the locked central doors. Today there is a boxy sub-station hidden there behind. 

It would be nice to allow curious visitors to go through to the banks of the Mable Canal, but statutory infrastructure is notoriously hard to get moved.

the new windows installed
a general view of the project
adjacent to the mannerist 1632 fausse porte
* the Fonds de Dotation perhaps
fit-out approaches...
looking to the canal of the Mable behind

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