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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Complete the Richelieu by-pass S.V.P

An association has been created to press for the completion of the by-pass of the cardinal duc's cité idéale. Organised by Jean-Louis Laurence and the signatories of the manifesto shown, we would strongly recommend making a comment on the link below and mobilise the troops for this obvious and necessary project.  Why build 2/3rds of the by-pass, and then bottle out with the last third? Meanwhile the endless agricultural euro-HGVs thunder on, rattling the town's humble foundations, a few metres away!

Circulaire Deviation

Richelieu, January 25 2012

Madame, Sir,

This letter is to inform you of the current situation concerning the town's by-pass. The completion of the Diversion Project, which had been the subject of a petition to the town's General Council in October 2009 (a petition that the vast majority of residents affected had happily signed), seems now to have been buried again. In 2009, the project's realization was envisaged to be in the immediate future.

We thought that to give more weight to our proposed actions, it would be useful to create an Association whose purpose would be
  •  safeguard the interests of the population of the communes of Richelieu (as well as  the surrounding areas)
  • the harmonious management of the local environment
  • sustain the balance of regional and urban planning
  • improve the general quality of life of the town's inhabitants

The completion of the by-pass should should have occurred well within the expected time-frame.

Once created, this Association - with the full support of its members - will obtain a re-opening of the DUP by the town's Conseil Général

To support this demand, we plan to organize one or more events that will help to make things actually happen, as a simple request for re-opening of the DUP will probably not be sufficient.

To this end we need to know if you are willing to add your support in these approaches, as it is clear that the more our number the more our chances of success. 

To discuss  this project with you, we propose a meeting on February 18 2012 at 5pm, in the Hall NICOLAS LEMERCIER.

Hoping that many of you will support us, 
we remain,
yours sincerely
A Amirault, J Angier, J Boureau, F Jahan, J P Lambert, M C Milan

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Simon said...

Bottling out of finishing bypasses is what French roadbuilders do best: around Ligueil 3 roads have been realigned and given roundabouts, but the bypass which links them (and only bypasses 1/3 of town anyway) hasn't been started.

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