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Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Puits Doré extends...

The hotel located on the main place du Marché has acquired the property to its rear and now includes the entire hôtel particulier - or mansion - located next to the Châtellerault gate that leads from the ville idéale to the duc's domainal parc.  The restoration works are now well under way, and we show pictures of recent stages of the construction phase.
The hotel seems to be prospering and the additional rooms that will be provided (and indeed the new lift) will increase the hotel's income and commercial viability.
looking towards the porte de Châtellerault
the design and contractor team
looking onto the place du Marché
the side elevation onto the Grande Rue

No doubt, the works will be under the detailed scrutiny of the town's dragon of the STAP and architecte des Bâtiments de France, Mme. Adrienne Barthelemey, who will ensure that the restoration of such an important element of the town's architecture will ratchet towards the hoped-for emphasis on the original designs of the 1630s, created by the brothers Lemercier for the cardinal and King Louis XIII.
half-timbered construction - colombage - in the courtyard

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