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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Building works progress at the Cinéma Majestic

The town of Richelieu has a fine cinema within the walls that is run by local enthusiasts of the movies.  It is called the Majestic. It is accommodated in an old warehouse that lies in the backlands of one of the former houses at the foot of rue Henri Proust.  
The town council supports the cinema.  It is really a delight to visit, with lovely (clean) seats and good modern projection equipment.  Country people from all the hamlets and villages that surround the cité idéale drive in by car to see the latest French and international films.  Sometimes it is used for theatrical presentations as there is a modest stage behind the screen.

The entry arch is moved

The new gateway
To allow the addition of new facilities, including digital and 3-D equipment, the buildings on the street itself are now under restoration.  Here are a couple of pictures showing the works at the end of August 2011.
The façade in September 2011;
the cinema re-opens
Awaiting the new rendering...


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