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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Estate agents - when the music stops...

There were, until recently, three estate agents in the Place du Marché in Richelieu who all offered properties to visitors and locals.
Thiot was there first on the northern side of the square; they offered in addition restoration services to those who had fallen in love with one of Touraine's tumbledown delights.  But the years rolled on, and M. et Mme. Thiot have gone to their retirement. The old agency is now unoccupied and sad.
The second property agent, well known to the Abbé Henri Proust, Touraine Immo, seems to have closed up shop, again leaving an unoccupied office, this time on the eastern face of the square.
Then, and thirdly, the shop of Archard Immobilier on the eastern side, this time run by two rosbifs, and reflecting the strong UK interest in French country properties in the 2000-2010 period, has closed, maybe because of the financial crisis has taken the heat out of the sales of upmarket properties.

But nature and commerce abhorr a vacuum and a new property agent, Richelieu Immobilier, has now sprung up to meet demand.
Below pictures of their new office and the information in the window.

The new office in Route de Loudun

Details and contacts

The town's notaire, Maître Pierre Gravel continues to sell properties, as is normal in the French property system, in addition to supervising on behalf of the French State the transfer of most local property ownerships from seller to buyer.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Not only is it the Estate agents who are suffering from the downturn. The Notaire from whom we bought our property last year appears to have given up selling property and no longer advertises on, the notaires property web site.. We know Maitre Pierre Gravel. We commissioned him to handle our purchase because of his perfect command English.

Susan said...

The real estate agents in Preuilly have fluctuated in the last couple of years. If your Notaire and estate agents give up there's always leBonCoin :-) Personally I wouldn't bother with agents in France. Our notaire's real estate negociante is a nice person and very professional, so I would use her by choice.

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