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Monday, 9 January 2017

Bicycle hire starts near the former station of Richelieu.

M. Minassian prepares for the completion, promised for the summer of 2017, of the 'voie verte' or green cycle way, that will link the famous city of Chinon with the Cité Idéale of Richelieu at a distance of about 14 kilometres. The tourist will then be able to promenade along the pretty valley of the Veude river - it becomes the modest stream Mable by the time of its arrival in Richelieu - along the flat former railway line that linked the two towns. It operated from about 1880 till 2000 or so and was constructed mainly for the export of white veal to the Paris markets.
So far, the tracks have been removed for scrap, all the locomotives and rolling stock moved elsewhere (Thouars?) and the frequent junctions of road and former rail line have had new crossings laid to allow cars and bicylces to cross in safety.  It was the problems of these crossings that spelt the death knell of the former railway link. It was impossible to reconstruct so many crossings to modern HSE standards. The trains had to have a man with a red flag go in front by foot!

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