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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Brasserie on the place du Marché

the Brasserie Richelieu next to la halle
This fine building dating from the 1830s is occupied by the Brasserie Richelieu. As one can see on the banner on the façade, it has a new owner. We all hope that this change of proprietors can be a 'new dawn' as the other Richelieu cafés and restaurants seem to be in rather a state of flux.  

The Fossé Saint Ange is a shadow of it former self, now open only occasionally; a new pizza restaurant located in the former mercerie on the market square is now established and very busy; the former Café des Sports has been comprehensively remodelled and now is a fine small bistro called Le Chinon; the former pizza restaurant that was located in the Porte de Châtellerault has changed hands and owners (?), and is to be a bar; the much missed Salon de Thé has disappeared down the Grande Rue leaving its former grand presence in the place du Marché sad and empty; the Restaurant Fabio located at the back of la Halle has closed when its proprietor finally retired....

Good luck to all the new enterprises and adieu to our old friends.


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