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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New projects on the rue des Gaultiers

The street that is next to the Mable river on the eastern perimeter of the town seems to have an absolute rash of new projects that indicate a new confidence in restoration and renewal.

The rue des Gaultiers - the street of 17th century mercenaries.

A completely new house is being built; the former limonade factory has been completely rebuilt and a large former industrial building is being transformed on the place Louis XIII, next to the 'Faux Porte', the dummy town gate, in front of the Mable river as it passes the town forming the eastern section of the town's moat.

The former factory front façade nears completion

The lofty shell of the refurbished industrial premises on place Louis XIII

A new rear wall and a new roof which will contain the new premises
including, we hear, a gallery at ground level.
A little chunk of the 17th century is restored along with the 19th!

 Rather grandiose new  oaken doors to a modest property on rue des Gaultiers.

The new wall hiding the re-constructed limonade factory
The ground slab is prepared after the foundations have been cut and filled

The ground floor slab is cast for the re-construction of a pair of old houses on rue des Gaultiers.
The replacement, like-for-like, under the careful control of Bâtiments de France and La Bartélémy!

Old painted garage doors bask in the evening light.
Ochres are hardly new in this town!

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