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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A blog post concerning Saint Vincent de Paul in Paris

Peter's Paris is a very informative blog on the French metropolis, much to be recommended.
 Today, 7 July 2015, the subject is the life and locations of
Saint Vincent de Paul and his Lazarist foundation.

Read on….

Vincent de Paul 
- 1581 to 1660 -
was nominated by cardinal duc de Richelieu to be responsible for the souls of the new inhabitants of his cité idéale who were from a part of France much affected by poverty and the bloody
'Wars of Religion' -  i.e. the Hugenot (protestant) / Catholic contests of Europe's 17th century.

He founded a Lazarist mission in the new town itself, no doubt modelled on his base in Paris, referred to in this fascinating post 'by a retired Swede'.


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