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Friday, 15 May 2015

A new project on Place Louis XIII - first post

A former warehouse and factory is being refurbished on the small square located behind la Halle, now called place Louis XIII, formerly the marché des vaux - the calf market.

This industrial structure has stood derelict for many years, and has now been taken in hand by an American architect.  So far the rear wall to the river Mable has been cleaned up, and now the front wall to the square is being comprehensively overhauled by one of the town's firms of building contractors 'Beun Edifice'.  They are building several projects across the town as can be seen from their signage, here emblazoned across the project's façade.
insulation roofing panels are hoisted into place
 Now, of course, someone needs to take the masonry of the town-owned gate in hand too.  It is a great example of Mannerism, with the designer's realisation that the structure will only be perceived from a long distance.
next to the false gate and backing in the River Mable.

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