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Friday, 21 November 2014

SWAT training in Richelieu

The good Cardinal was originally educated in the most famous of Paris' military and riding training schools - the Sandhurst of Henri IV:

So it is not surprising that the Cardinal Duke's ideal town of the 21st century should accommodate a similar institution to that of M.Pluvinel.  SWAT training!

The Positive Stress Center

The old grain silo works overlooking the town's wall from the north west, along the rue de Quebec has been converted into a training school for SWAT teams.  Here one can pass a HIGH STRESS weekend leaning to cope with the worst that the 21st century can throw at one.  

A sort of 'Three Musketeers School'.

All looks bit spooky and modern in this old lost town.

the refurbished grain works

tough-guy transport

the anonymous front door of PSC


19 rue du Québec 37120 - RICHELIEU

Directeur : CARRERO Romuald, Tel :
Conseiller technique : M.Kato, Tel :

Adresse e-mail :


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