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Monday, 30 December 2013

Wuzhen twins with Richelieu

Wuzhen - the water city


Only one year ago, the town of Richelieu signed a twinning agreement with the Chinese city of Wuzhen. The numerous studies that have just taken place for three days with the presence of a Chinese delegation led by Zhu Mingjie, suggest that trade and friendship can be particularly promising and long-term.

The Twin Cities are interested in building co-operative and exemplary relationships. Notably on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary - in 2014 - the opening of diplomatic relations between the two countries by General de Gaulle.
The program devised by the municipality of Richelieu for its guests was particularly dense and  appealed to many the participantss. Among them, were representatives of the University of Tours and the Rector of the Sorbonne in Paris. The tourism development projects and possible economic impacts were naturally at the center of exchanges and visits. The museum, the City, the Park, the wine area of ​​Garrelière, the truffles at Marigny-Marmande, but also available was the former Jean-Mermoz school buildings were part of a very popular marathon ... and all very much photographed! Not to mention a Gala evening in the company of Templerie of Flowers and Truffles and a reception at the castle of Rivau.
On the last day, the group, accompanied by Mayor Hervé Novelli, was received in the Senate in Paris by Jean -Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister and an expert on China. François Weil, President of the Academy Française, and Xudong Jin, from the Chinese Embassy, attended the meeting to sign a memorandum of co-operation .

Exchanges before the summer comes

The coming months will be very rich. Chinese media students will come to Richelieu this summer 2014. In May, the town of Wuzhen will present an exhibition on Richelieu and at the same time receive a delegation from Richelieu. In return, the Éspace Richelieu will host an exhibition on the Chinese twin city this summer.
A significant development around multiple co-operation projects could be a tremendous asset to the people of Richelieu.

A few details...

Wuzhen is a small Chinese river town built entirely around canals, located near the city of Tongxiang. Its population is 60,000 inhabitants, of which only 12,000 or so are permanent residents.
Founded in the ninth century by the Tang dynasty, it was completely renovated in 2000 and is classified as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. For ten years, tourists have flocked there.  Several million each year!
Although of very different population levels, Richelieu and Wuzhen have many cultural and historical similarities.
The Chinese delegation included the deputy mayors of both Wuzhen and Tongxiang, as well as those responsible for tourism and economic development of the international tourist area of ​​Wuzhen.


Correspondent for NR - Alain Verna

Thank you to Nouvelle République for announcing the news - we trust they will be happy that we extend their reportage about our sweet little town…

Look on the map on the right-hand column for a Google Earth view of Wuzhen..

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