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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Another 'pepperpot' gets a makeover

as it was...

Apparently a Swedish pair have bought the Northern pepperpot of the western-side old town gate that leads towards the town's now-redundant station.  We had assumed that this building was part of M. Deplaix's Renault garage - probably because of the huge Renault sign attached to its southern façade.  But who knows?  The residence that had been attached to the northern side of the pepperpot has been demolished leaving the old town wall more visible than before.  Has Bâtiments de France required the demolition of this non-descipt later extension in return for permission to carry out the restoration of the 17th century pepperpot itself?  

We'll all see as the project develops.

The newly exposed northern face

The pepperpot itself from the street

The junction of pepperpot and the newly exposed town wall

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