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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Roger Excoffon - typographer

p.s. oops!  it is Le Mistral n.m. - no 'e'...
as for Marseille (s?)

Imitating his own handwriting, Roger Excoffon created a fully cursive (linking) apparent hand-script, originally for typesetting, now for digital reproduction.  The capitals do not fully link in the computerised version, as was the case with the original, although the lower-case version obviously does. Originally this objective was achieved with various 'ligatures' - fiddly little graphic linkages for particular conjunctions of letters.
'Mistral' is as French as 'Helvetica' is Swiss!

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Colin and Elizabeth said...

You obviously watched Jonathan Meades BBC 4 on Wednesday night. He did a spot on the Mistral font.. Worth watching if you didn't. You can catch it in England on BBC iplayer...

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