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Monday 3 October 2011

Mini pepper-pot towers

A seventeenth century engraving of the town, after Israel Sylvestre,
looking from the West.
Note the three little roofless turrets on the middle of the western town wall, set between the two pointy-roofed 'pepper-pot' gatehouses.
Yes, amazingly, they are still there, all three of them.  With all the larger extensions into the moat, these three minor turrets are not so conspicuous as they were initially.  They need to be sorted out!
This is the current state of the turret on the right (S) today.
This is an axial view of the state of the central turret, hidden behind a tree.
This is the central turret today, lurking behind the tree (see above),
having been expanded into a house.
This is the left-hand (N) turret looking onto the moat.
This is the left-hand turret (N) from inside the wall,
now used as a garage.

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