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Thursday, 6 May 2010

the 'dolmen' at Ligré - 5km from Richelieu

Stonehenge is more impressive, it is true, but not by that much.  On a hill top above the wine village of Ligré to the north west of Richelieu we find the dolmen or burial tomb that overlooks the sweep of the river Vienne.
One itches to get the one fallen stone upright to re-complete the stability this ancient structure.
Was it covered with an earthen burial mound?
It makes it clear that even in pre-history the region was influential.  In later centuries Chinon castle, a couple of miles away, was to rule the Europe of the Plantagenets from Spain to Hadrian's wall in Scotland.   Touraine has been the play-park of noble families and kings for a long, long time.

p.s it is now stranded in a field of rape seed; last year it was sunflowers, I think.
see the location on the map of Richelieu locations to the right....


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Unknown said...

Great pictures!
This monolithic monument is really impressive.


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