The topics of this blog are Armand-Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Duke of Richelieu, and the IDEAL CITY built on his command next to his magnificent CHÂTEAU on the borders of Touraine, Anjou and Poitou, in France.

Friday 9 January 2009

Jean-Louis' photos of Richelieu in the snow.

* La CITÉ IDÉALE fully whitened in early January 2009 *

The author of the french-language blog for the people of the Richelieu canton, Jean-Louis Laurence, has put up a splendid set of pictures of Richelieu in the recent snows. 
to a direct link to his public Google PICASA album of photos. Try clicking on the 'diaporama'- slideshow - button.

All credit to Jean-Louis Laurence, the Eugène Atget of Richelieu - do we have any competitors?
Here's another Atget site this time recreating the views he took.

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