The topics of this blog are Armand-Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Duke of Richelieu, and the IDEAL CITY built on his command next to his magnificent CHÂTEAU on the borders of Touraine, Anjou and Poitou, in France.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The new Fountain in the place du Marche

The new fountain on the cross axis of the square was opened on Bastille day 2007. It makes a very strong new feature in the town and will we hope be matched by another in the other square, the places des Religieuses, in due course, when the layout of that square is made to match - 'One for the King; one for the Cardinal'. Although some local folk say that this fountain is not like the old one, too modern, too axial, too.........zzzzzzzz........, the children and anyone with their head screwed on loves it. I myself have danced the jets and it is really hard to stay dry... When the entire sqaure is needed, the illuminated jets are switched off and the place du Marché can be used with an uninterrupted open space.

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